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(Revised January 2018)


SROP League Administration

  1. Eligibility: Only those individuals who have a completed application with signed release of liability on file with the league Commissioner for the current season may play in the SROP soccer league.
  2. Family Member Requests: During the application process, players may request to be placed on the same team as another family member in the league. Both players must request this on their application form. The league will attempt to honor legitimate requests to the maximum extent possible.
  3. Field Lining: The team specified on the schedule is responsible for lining the field.
  4. Field Set-up: Both teams for first game are responsible for setting up goals & corner flags. Both teams for last game are responsible for returning nets & corner flags and for locking the goals & shed. (Nets & flags are in the shed.)
  5. Absences: Any player who misses two consecutive games (without requesting a sub) is subject to immediate substitution (for minimum two more games) by the League; any player who misses three total games during a season (without requesting a sub) is subject to immediate replacement for the season and will not be eligible to be assigned to a team the following season (eligible for Sub List only).
  6. Red and Yellow Cards: A player who receives a red card during or after a game must sit out the next game. He may request a sub effective as of his next game, but he must still serve the one-game suspension when he returns from the sub period. If a Sub receives a red card in his last eligible game before he is returned to the Sub List, the returning Player must serve the one-game suspension. If a player receives a red card in the last game of the season, he is not required to serve a one-game suspension the following season, but is subject to disciplinary action as determined by a vote of the managers. A player who receives four yellow cards in a season must sit out the match immediately following the match in which he receives the fourth yellow card and his team will not be allowed to request a substitute.  A player who receives two yellow cards during playoff matches must sit out the next match and no substitute will be allowed.
  7. Managerial Warnings: All SROP Soccer Officials (consisting of the current Commissioners of either SROP soccer league and all Managers of the current season) may issue a player a Managerial Warning for any conduct unbecoming to our Leagues that takes place on or around the fields, before, during or after League games or events in the sole discretion of the Official. A player that receives two Managerial Warnings in a season (both cannot be from the same person) must sit out his team’s next game.
  8. Penalty for Red Cards / Managerial Warnings: If a player receives any combination of three red cards and/or Managerial Warnings in a season he is banned from playing the rest of the season, his roster spot will not be replaced, his money will not be refunded, and he will be ineligible to play in any SROP Soccer League for one year.
  9. Managerial Suspensions: At the official Manager’s Draft Meeting prior to each season, Managers may impose a one-season Managerial Suspension on any player that has consistently exhibited behavior that is considered to be contrary to the spirit and benefit of the League and its players. Such suspension would require a 2/3 vote of the Managers present at this meeting.
  10. Request for Substitute / Replacement: A substitute player during the regular season is entitled to be eligible for a minimum of two games. The League will attempt to provide a substitute (temporarily fills the spot of the player requesting substitution) or replacement (permanently fills the spot of the player being replaced) player as requested. Requests submitted 48 hours or more before the players match will be given priority; requests of 24 hours or less shall be done on a best efforts basis. Subs requested after the final game of the regular season will be allowed with a player of an equivalent rating or lower (but in the case of an A-rated player, subbing player cannot be higher rated than the player requesting a sub) and the two-game minimum is waived. Any player who is replaced on a team is not eligible to return as a substitute or replacement for the remainder of that season. A subbing player who confirms but does not show for the match will receive one warning; upon the second occurrence, the sub will be removed from the Sub List.
  11. Standings: Standings are determined by points based on overall record; three points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points for a loss. Tiebreakers, in order of precedence: head-to-head, number of wins, goals against, shutouts, coin toss. (Website will not reflect head-to-head ranking) Playoff seeding will be determined by the above criteria.

Rules of the Game

  1. Match Duration: Each half is 40 minutes long for the Night and Masters Leagues, 45 minutes long for the Sunday League. Night and Masters Finals will be 90 minutes rather than 80 minutes. If the match is terminated because of outside interference of any kind with less than 15 minutes remaining, the game is considered complete. If a game is discontinued within the first half of play, the game is to be replayed in its entirety. If the game is interrupted during the second half with more than 15 minutes remaining, the game is continued at a later date from the point of interruption (score carries over, time re-starts at the point it was stopped).
  2. Slide Tackling: No slide tackling allowed (goalies excluded inside their own penalty box). This is any playing or attempting to play while not on one’s feet when other players are within playing distance. This is considered dangerous play. A deliberate slide tackle will earn an immediate yellow card.
  3. Equipment:
    • Shin guards and soccer cleats are required.
    • Headbands and Full90 Performance Headguard™ are allowed.
    • No beanies or hats allowed except soft-billed hats for goalkeepers.
    • Glasses must be for prescription-wear only and frames must be safety or sports approved.
    • Stud earrings are allowed; any earrings that extend below the player’s ear lobe are not permitted. Earrings are not permitted in the Masters League.
    • Players are to have jerseys tucked in at the beginning of the game—not enforced after play is underway.
  4. Minimum Players: Each team must have a minimum of seven players from its roster at the assigned starting time of the game (10 minute waiting period for 7:00 pm game only) or they forfeit. A forfeit by one team will be scored 1-0, by both teams 1-1
  5. Substitutions: Substitutions during the match are allowed on any dead ball with consent of referee. Each team is allowed an unlimited number of substitutions during the match.
  6. Ties and Tie-Breakers: Regular season games are allowed to end in a tie. For all playoff games that are tied at the end of regulation (except for the championship game), games will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark. (no extra time). For the championship game, two 15-minute periods will be added (no golden goal); if it is still tied at the end of the two over-time periods, the game will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark. Any eleven players who have played in the game are eligible to take penalty kicks (do not have to be on the pitch when time expires); if one team has less than eleven players eligible for penalty kicks, the opposing team must reduce its number of eligible players to equate.
  7. Penalty for Cards: If a player (goalies included) receives a yellow card he must immediately sit out five minutes except when playing with only seven players (replacement allowed). If a player receives a red card he must sit out the rest of that game (replacement not allowed) and his team’s next game. The player receiving the red card may request a sub effective as of his next game, but must still serve the one-game suspension when he returns from the sub period.
  8. FIFA® Rules: FIFA® rules apply unless in conflict with local rules above; in such case, local rules supersede.

FIFA® Discrimination Rules

Discrimination of any kind on account of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, language, religion or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion.

Manager(s)/Commissioner(s) on the field can stop a game to immediately issue a manager/commissioner warning to the offending player. The managers/commissioners of the teams playing the game will consult with each other regarding the offense. If the offense is discriminatory of any kind, the managers/commissioner will immediately remove the offending player from the game. The game will not resume until the player has left the field and surrounding area.

After the game, the commissioner and managers will confer to review the actions surrounding the incident. If the incident is determined to be discriminatory in nature, the player will be expelled from the league for the remainder of the season and the player will be ineligible to play in another SROP soccer league for a period of at least one calendar year. Exceptions to this expulsion can only be made by the Commissioner of the respective soccer league and only after review and majority approval of the Active Soccer commissioners (Sunday, Nights and Masters).

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