SROP Soccer

Plump Jack Wineries: Roster - Amish Chiman

Player Name Player Type
Siddhartha AgrawalRegular
Mike AparisRegular
Mike AsaroRegular
Sean AsaroRegular
Antonio BocciaRegular
Connor BonesRegular
Nick BoyerInactive Sub
Nick BoyerInactive Sub
Andrew CcapatintaInactive Sub
Tom ChapmanRegular
Amish ChimanRegular
Ryan ColemanRegular
Paul CoumansRegular
Jacob Glenn-LevinInactive Sub
Oscar GutierrezInactive Sub
Mustafa KeskinInactive Sub
Grant KiehlRegular
Tony LierasRegular
Matt MasseyInactive Sub
Roberto MedeirosInactive Sub
Homar NorooziInactive Sub
Scott ParrishInactive Sub
Malcolm RobertsonRegular
Branko RogovicInactive Sub
Branko RogovicInactive Sub
Ernest SaldanaRegular
Farbod ShojaeiInactive Sub
Brennan StraubInactive Sub
Brennan StraubInactive Sub
Brennan StraubInactive Sub

Fixtures/ Results

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