SROP Soccer

A Pile of Blow: Roster - Dave Brooks

Player Name Player Type
Julio AlonsoInactive Sub
Jason AndrussRegular
Steve BarryInactive Sub
Brian BeasonRegular
Paolo BiancaliniInactive Sub
David BoyerRegular
Neil BromleyRegular
Dave BrooksRegular
Rod CaicedoInactive Sub
Patrick ColbertInactive Sub
Erik GouldRegular
Sal GroppoRegular
Mark HellenkampInactive Sub
Sung ImInactive Sub
Mustafa KeskinRegular
Stan LeslieInactive Sub
David McDermottRegular
Gianluigi RankinRegular
Mike SandlerInactive Sub
Bob SchuhRegular
Mike SchwaebeRegular
Khalid SheikhRegular
Joe WeltonRegular
Peng ZhuReplacement

Fixtures/ Results

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