SROP Soccer

Stinky Pinky: Roster - Phil Straub

Player Name Player Type
James BenzieRegular
Lee CantrellRegular
Andrew CcapatintaInactive Sub
Robert FogartyRegular
Chad HelmleRegular
Rick KingRegular
Eric LittleRegular
Jack LittleRegular
Atheer MakaniRegular
Marionne MatusalemRegular
Charlie NorconkRegular
Adam PascuInactive Sub
Jon RinaldiInactive Sub
Juan P. SarraldeRegular
Phil StraubRegular
Justin ThompsonRegular
Danny WhiteRegular

Fixtures/ Results

August 30 - Week 1
7:00 pm Stinky Pinky 2 - 4 FC BOLAS CATALANES Community SE
  Charlie Norconk
Robert Fogarty
Chad Helmle
  Pepe Ccapatinta
Sean Mullen
Hugo Vega x 2
Kevin Bowes
Field Lining - Community SE: Stinky Pinky
September 04 - Week 2
8:40 pm Blimey Limeys 3 - 2 Stinky Pinky Community NW
  Ole Gron
Mustapha Haddach
Tony Demofonte
  Rick King
Marionne Matusalem
Field Lining - Community NW: Manc Bastards
September 13 - Week 3
7:00 pm Stinky Pinky 0 - 2 Nacho Libre Community SE
    Dan Luken
Eugene Correia
Dan Luken
Jacob Glenn-Levin
Field Lining - Community SE: Stinky Pinky
September 18 - Week 4
7:00 pm Beer Swilling Green Dragons 4 - 0 Stinky Pinky Spring Canyon
  Patrice Belanger
Christian Reuter
Geno Tatham x 2
  Atheer Makani
Marionne Matusalem
Field Lining - Spring Canyon: Beer Swilling Green Dragons
September 27 - Week 5
8:40 pm Stinky Pinky 1 - 3 Pool Boys Community SE
  Danny White
  Luca Facchini
Shay Nissel x 2
Field Lining - Community SE: King O' Fhearts
October 04 - Week 6
8:40 pm Just White 5 - 3 Stinky Pinky Community SE
  William Burer x 3
Oscar Gutierrez
Arty Hernandez
Thomas Grover
Kevin Nolan
  Andrew Ccapatinta
Danny White
Andrew Ccapatinta
Atheer Makani
Field Lining - Community SE: Black n Blue Balls
October 09 - Week 7
8:40 pm Stinky Pinky 3 - 4 King O' Fhearts Spring Canyon
  Jack Little
Atheer Makani x 2
Chad Helmle
Charlie Norconk
  Patrick Dean
Bob Schuh
Marcos Lopez
Patrick Dean
Field Lining - Spring Canyon: FC BOLAS CATALANES
October 16 - Week 8
8:40 pm Hush Money FC 6 - 1 Stinky Pinky Community NW
  Henry Cheng
James Fujiwara
Vasco Liberal x 4
  Juan P. Sarralde
Charlie Norconk
Chad Helmle
Field Lining - Community NW: Beer Swilling Green Dragons
October 23 - Week 9
8:40 pm Stinky Pinky 6 - 1 Hott Totties Community NW
  Jon Rinaldi
Adam Pascu
Atheer Makani x 2
Danny White
Justin Thompson
James Benzie
  Jason Norine
Jason Norine
Field Lining - Community NW: King O' Fhearts
October 30 - Week 10
7:00 pm Black n Blue Balls 1 - 0 Stinky Pinky Spring Canyon
  CJ Epstein
  Atheer Makani
Field Lining - Spring Canyon: Stinky Pinky
November 06 - Week 11
8:40 pm Stinky Pinky 1 - 2 Manc Bastards Community NW
  Danny White
Atheer Makani
  Chris Brown
Erik Gould
Keoni Owens
Homar Noroozi
Devin Andriesen
Field Lining - Community NW: Nacho Libre
November 13 - 1st Round of Playoffs for - Week 101010
7:00 pm King O' Fhearts 3 - 1 Stinky Pinky Community NW
  Kirk Golding
Marcos Lopez
Brandon Davis
Marcos Lopez
  Danny White
James Benzie
Field Lining - Community NW: Stinky Pinky
November 20 - Thanksgiving: No Matches
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