SROP Soccer

LOS BLAUGRANA: Roster - Pepe Ccapatinta

Player Name Player Type
Matthew AmosRegular
Brian BeasonRegular
Jesse BeloussowRegular
Nick BoyerReplacement
Anand BuchInactive Sub
Pepe CcapatintaRegular
Andrew CcapatintaRegular
Patrick DennisRegular
Keegan DuchicelaRegular
Majid GhassemiInactive Sub
Dan KelleyInactive Sub
Sergio LealRegular
Jose LeivaRegular
Matt LeivaRegular
Jeff ModlinRegular
David MontgomeryInactive Sub
David MontgomeryInactive Sub
Leon NotewareInactive Sub
Leon NotewareInactive Sub
Javier QuinterosInactive Sub
Peter RozokRegular
Marlon SanchezRegular
Ken SutherlandRegular

Fixtures/ Results

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