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Blue By-You FC: Roster - Andy Neshat

Player Name Player Type
Matt AllisonRegular
Dominic BehanRegular
Dean BrownInactive Sub
Wally Hoa CuInactive Sub
Nicolas EganInactive Sub
Shawn FarrokhiRegular
Corey GassInactive Sub
Ole GronRegular
Kevin HarkerRegular
Rick HarkerRegular
Jeff JacksonInactive Sub
Tim JetteInactive Sub
Nick KnowlesInactive Sub
Nick KnowlesInactive Sub
Deniz KocogluInactive Sub
Keith KunkleInactive Sub
Gervais LeotaudInactive Sub
Greg LieRegular
Andy NeshatRegular
Kevin NolanRegular
Joe ParadaInactive Sub
Adam RosatiRegular
Brian RossonRegular
Farbod ShojaeiInactive Sub
Joe TranInactive Sub
Hugo VegaInactive Sub
Joe WeltonRegular
Tim WheatcroftRegular
David K WrightInactive Sub
Chip ZuckermanRegular

Fixtures/ Results

August 25 - Week 1
10:00 am The Chosen One 0 - 2 Blue By-You FC Community NW
    Dominic Behan x 2
Field Lining - Community NW: What's With The French Guy?
September 01 - Week 2
8:00 am Outsourced My Porn 8 - 1 Blue By-You FC Community NW
  Sal Groppo x 3
Darin McGhee
Chad Helmle
Danny Serrano
Mike Aparis
Danny Serrano
  Dominic Behan
Andy Neshat
Field Lining - Community NW: Outsourced My Porn
September 08 - Week 3
10:00 am Blue By-You FC 2 - 4 Six Tits Three Slits Community NW
  Adam Rosati x 2
Matt Allison
Dominic Behan
  Jeff Melancon
Jay Ryu x 2
Robert Fogarty
James Benzie
Field Lining - Community NW: STFU Donny
September 15 - Week 4
8:00 am Blue By-You FC 3 - 1 Bhenchods Community NW
  Adam Rosati
Matt Allison
Shawn Farrokhi
  Ben Ritter
Field Lining - Community NW: Blue By-You FC
September 22 - Week 5
10:00 am The Purple-Eagles (Look It Up) 1 - 2 Blue By-You FC Community SE
  Chris G. Cox
Emil Karshalev
Jesse DeWald
Daniel Conway
  Dominic Behan
Shawn Farrokhi
Field Lining - Community SE: Outsourced My Porn
September 29 - Week 6
10:00 am STFU Donny 3 - 5 Blue By-You FC Community SE
  Vasco Liberal
Jason Ma
Anders Burvall
  Kevin Nolan x 2
Adam Rosati x 2
Brian Rosson
Field Lining - Community SE: The Purple-Eagles (Look It Up)
October 06 - Week 7
8:00 am What's With The French Guy? 5 - 2 Blue By-You FC Spring Canyon
  Joey Pospichal x 2
Gonzalo Mendez
Malcolm Robertson
Jason Ross
  Shawn Farrokhi
Kevin Nolan
Field Lining - Spring Canyon: Blue By-You FC
October 13 - Week 8
8:00 am Blue By-You FC 2 - 3 The Chosen One Community SE
  Matt Allison x 2
  Tim Jette x 2
Fabio Akashi
Field Lining - Community SE: Blue By-You FC
October 20 - Week 9
10:00 am Blue By-You FC 1 - 2 Outsourced My Porn Community SE
  Chip Zuckerman
  Mike Aparis
Jamo Kennedy
Field Lining - Community SE: STFU Donny
October 27 - Week 10
8:00 am Six Tits Three Slits 2 - 2 Blue By-You FC Community NW
  Robert Fogarty
Jeff Melancon
  Matt Allison
Adam Rosati
Gervais Leotaud
Field Lining - Community NW: Six Tits Three Slits
November 03 - Week 11
8:00 am Bhenchods 2 - 5 Blue By-You FC Community NW
  Branden Fusi
Ben Ritter
Johan Alfsen
  Adam Rosati x 2
Ole Gron
Shawn Farrokhi
Dominic Behan
Field Lining - Community NW: Bhenchods
November 10 - Quarterfinals for - Week 666666
10:00 am Blue By-You FC 1 - 4 STFU Donny Community NW
  Ole Gron
  Anders Burvall x 2
Cristian Capelli
Jameel Sampson
Cristian Capelli
Matt Leiva
Field Lining - Community NW: The Purple-Eagles (Look It Up)
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